Middle School Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Coordinator: Nick Longo 573-3325 ext. 107      

E-mail: youthministry@stjohnvancouver.org

Invitation to Youth Ministry

Come be a part of our Middle School Youth Group as we grow in knowledge of our Faith, while also builiding a Community of Christ within our parish. Grades 6th - 8th meet every Wednesday evening from from 6:00pm-7:30pm. (Click here for a current calendar.)  Registration is always open, so you can join us when you're ready, BUT be sure to sign up as soon as possible so you don't miss any of our classes, events, or outings. See you there!  

Click here to visit our Youth Ministry website.

Parents:  Please be sure to sign up for a week to bring in a meal for our youth!  We are blessed to have a lot of help, but still need more.  Contact Nick at 360.573.3325, ext 107 or email him at youthministry@stjohnvancouver.org if you would be able to help.  Thank you!

For our Adult Parishioners:  Our Middle School Youth Group is an opportuniuty for our 6th-8th grade parishioners to come and be surrounded by peers, friends and adults who are fellow Catholics, so that they can learn how to embrace, appreciate, and apply their faith into every aspect of their lives. Like any other ministry, it cannot function without the help of dedicated, faithful adult volunteers who are willing to give of themselves in order to enrich the lives of our youth on their faith journey. We ask that, if you have felt a calling to serve our community in any way, please consider helping out in our youth ministry. To learn more, and to find out what being a volunteer would involve, contact Nick Longo by phone or email.  Thank you for your consideration!